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One Bedroom Rental City

State of the art one-bedroom apartments in Worcester

Classy apartments

Do you have a family and are looking for a one bedroom rental apartment in a posh neighborhood? Every person would like to stay in a nice place though the amount of income influences where they opt to stay. At 100 Wall Street, we understand the disparity. Therefore, we interrogate our clients' financial ability to help them secure rental apartments that they can afford. This interrogation is vital to guide clients on making the right decisions and avoid inconveniences associated with rent defaulting. We assist you in securing your rental unit and offer essential advice and guidance you may need.

We have several one bedroom rental apartments that you can choose from. Our rental units have exceptional amenities to ensure your family enjoys excellent comfort that rivals luxurious, posh apartments. Some of the amenities available on our rental units include fitness centers, balconies, a swimming pool, a playground, and many more.

Furnished apartments

Security, power backup, perfect interior design, stable internet connection, and easy access roads are a few aspects that make city view apartments an excellent place you should relocate to with your family. The city view apartments feature state of the art amenities ideal for a modern family. The apartment caters to all social classes. Some of the notable features at city view apartments include stable internet connection, fully equipped kitchen, flat-screen TV, washing machine, bathroom with shower, etc.

Our agency offers an opportunity for free visits to view the houses before deciding on the type that will suit you. Contact us now to help you locate an elegant one bedroom rental apartment for your family. In this case, customer satisfaction remains our top priority. We deliver what we promise.

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